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St. Thomas Fund

The St. Thomas Fund is a powerful testament to the unwavering dedication of our families, faculty, staff, and supporters. It stands as a beacon of collective giving, uniting us in our mission to provide exceptional educational opportunities for our students. Each year, we engage our community in our annual giving campaign, which garners support and enthusiasm for the transformational power of the St. Thomas Fund. This fund offers unrestricted resources, which means that they can be used to address the most immediate needs of our school, empowering us to go beyond the limits of tuition and enrich every aspect of our students’ experiences.

As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we reflect on the incredible journey that St. Thomas has undertaken. For seven decades, we have been shaping young minds, fostering character, and preparing future leaders to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our commitment to academic excellence, community engagement, and personal growth has remained constant, and our 70th year allows us to celebrate the achievements of our past while embracing the exciting possibilities of our future.

This anniversary is more than a milestone; it's a testament to the enduring spirit that defines our school. The St. Thomas Fund not only supports our ongoing efforts but also sets the stage for even greater accomplishments in the years to come. Join us in celebrating 70 years of excellence and supporting The St. Thomas Fund. Your participation underscores the strength of our community and the shared belief in the transformative power of education. Together, we continue to shape a brighter future for our students and for St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School.

Thank you for being a part of our journey to honor the past and nurture the future.

Thank you for generously participating in this year's 2023-2024 St. Thomas Fund and supporting our mission.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Abell
Mr. Raphael N. Acenas and Ms. Ana Laura R. Arellano
Mr. Roberto Acra and Mrs. Sibille Elie
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Acuña
Mr. and Ms. Kahlil Adam
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Adan
Dr. Aimee Aguiar and Mr. Angel Aguiar
Mr. Cody F. Aldridge and Mrs. Carolina E. Canida
Ms. Alina Aleman*
Mr. Federico Alonso and Mrs. Valentina Gutierrez Duran
Mr. Abraham L. Saldivar and Mrs. Danielle Alvarez
Mr. Victor Alvarez and Mrs. Nadia L. Perez
Dr. and Mrs. Gustavo M. Andrade
Mr. Felipe Arango and Mrs. Catalina Tobar
Mr. and Ms. Carlos R. Arellano
Ms. Karyn L. Arellano*
Dr. and Mrs. Jose M. Armas
Mrs. Angela M. Arriola*
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew N. Assapimonwait
Dr. Andrew B. Avarbock and Dr. Paola T. Chamorro
Mr. and Mrs. Percy J. Avetrani
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Avino*
Mr. Drew Greenwood and Ms. Flavia Baggio
Mr. David G. Barbeito and Ms. Naive J. Pons 
Ms. Silvia M. Barragan*
Miss Joselynn N. Barrios*
Mr. Daniel Smyth and Ms. Joan Bastides Smyth
Mr. Kurt Bauer (T)
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bentancourt
Dr. Christopher B. Benton and Dr. Xiaoyan Sun
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Bezanilla
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bezjian
Mr. Jaime Bianchi and Ms. Paige Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander E. Binelo
Dr. Jennie Block (T)
Mr. Sean J. Herman and Ms. Mary Block
Dr. Christopher Bob and Dr. Melissa Meincken Bob
Mr. Pedro F. Carrion and Mrs. Maria T. Bonelli
Mr. Ernesto C. Bernal and Mrs. Maria L. Boria
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Botero
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Brosch (T)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brown
Mr. Lawrence W. Brown Jr and Mrs. Luciana De Benedictis*
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brown
Mr. and Ms. Chad Buresh
Mrs. Marcia Buresh
Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Cabeza
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Cabrera
Mr. and Mrs. William Canida
Mr. and Mrs. Giovanni Cannavo
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Carlos Canto
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carbajales*
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Cardenas
Mr. David S. Cardenas and Ms. Lilian Liu Cardenas
Mr. Ricardo Camacho and Ms. Yazmin Cardenas
Mrs. Claudia Carmona*
Mrs. Ashley Caserta*
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Casino
Mrs. Daria Castan*
Mr. and Mrs. Erick Ceballos*
Mr. Pablo Cejas and Ms. Lisa Hernandez Castro
Mr. and Mrs. Marko F. Cerenko
Mr. Juan P. Moreno and Mrs. Stephanie Char
Ms. Catalina Chavez*
Mrs. Carol W. Chenet*
Mrs. Judith N. Chi*
Mr. Luis Hoyos and Mr. Juan Chipoco
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chirdaris
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua P. Ciampa
Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Clark
Mr. Jose Diaz and Mrs. Katherine Clase*
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Clavero
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Clavero
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton H. Coffey
Mr. William M. Cohen and Mrs. Meghan C. Perkins-Cohen 
Miss Nina N. Collera*
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Conde
Mr. Paul J. Kleinschmidt and Ms. Emily D. Condlin
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Connelly
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Cortinas (T)
Mr. and Ms. Kleber Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Cottin
Mr. and Mrs. Stonington Cox
Mr. Charles Crapse and Ms. Vanessa Duran
Mrs. Ivette Crespo*
Miss Ivanna Crespo*
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crews*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crossin*
Mr. and Ms. Gustavo Cubas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cuomo
Mr. and Mrs. James Cusack (T)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniele D'Auria
Dr. Oriana Damas and Mr. Kenneth Damas
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Dangond
Mrs. Lauren Dansdill*
Mrs. Neifer De Armas*
Mr. Abelardo De La Espriella and Ms. Ana Lucia Pineda
Ms. Vianney De Los Angeles
Ms. Dayssi M. Dedos*
Cleiton M. Del Castillo
Mr. Andres Del Corral and Mrs. Nicolette Gonzalez-Kakouris
Ms. Fatima P. Delbeck*
Mr. Alejandro Delfino and Ms. Fabiana Isava De Delfino
Mr. and Mrs. Alexandre Denault
Mr. Quentin M. Derryberry and Mr. David O. Estrella*
Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalo A. Diaz
Mrs. Evelyn Diaz-Delgado*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Dieppa
Mr. Darvin Legaspi and Ms. Elizabeta Dimkova
Mr. and Mrs. Frederico Do Valle
Ms. Natasha A. Dolan*
Mr. Christian Dominique and Ms. Sabrina Victor
Dr. Jacquelyn R. Dosal and Mr. Brian Dosal
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt J. Drstvensek
Dr. and Mrs. John Drstvensek
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Du Pond
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Dueñas (T)
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Dueñas
Mr. Daniel A. Garcia and Mrs. Melissa A. Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Dumervil
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Durham
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dziuba
Mr. Greg Eckblom*
Mrs. and Mrs. James Edwards*
Mr. Keyon Elam*
Mr. Christopher Ellis-Ferrara and Mrs. Mayra Florez
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando J. Espinosa
Dr. Ivette Espinosa-Fernandez and Mr. Luis Fernandez
Mr. Victor E. Estrada Sierra and Mrs. Jessica M. Garcia-Estrada
Mr. and Mrs. Erik E. Eustis
Mrs. Maria L. Fagilde-Roel*
Mr. Francisco X. Moreno and Dr. Karina Fajardo
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Fernandez
Ms. Marianne M. Fernandez*
Mr. Francisco R. Fernandez and Ms. Marisol Estevez
Mr. Claudio Fernandez and Mrs. Ana Valencia
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Fernandez
Mrs. Marlene Fernandez-Karavetsos and Mr. George Karavetsos
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Ferrentino
The Rev. Timothy R. Fleck*
Mr. and Ms. James Fleming
Ms. Nicole A. Font*
Mr. Andres Fonte and Mrs. Manuela Arroyave
Dr. and Mrs. Sean Foreman*
Miss Amelia E. Fox*
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Fraind
Miss Fabiola Francisco*
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Carlos Freile
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Garces
Mrs. Mercedes Garcia*
Mrs. Cary Garcia*
Ms. Krystal Garcia*
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Garcia
Dr. Yanelys Garcia and Mr. Felipe Garcia
Dr. Rebeca Garcia-Gotuzzo and Mr. Gustavo Gotuzzo
Mr. and Mrs. Javier C. Garcia-Velez
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gardner-Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Garrido III
Mr. Eduardo Gavilan and Mrs. Adriana Duenas
Hon. Cristina Miranda Gedroye and Mr. Julian R. Gedroye
Mr. Philip L. Gentles and Mrs. Marisa Q. Phirangee-Gentles*
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip T. George Jr.
Dr. Phillip George
Dr. and Mrs. Marcelo Ghersi
Mr. Stephen C. Gibson*
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Amyn Gillani
Mr. and Ms. Michael Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldfarb
Dr. Narciso Gomez and Dr. Hortensia Valeron
Mr. and Mrs. Sergio A. Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Gomez-Moller
Dr. Elizabeth Updike and Mr. Sam Gonas
Mr. Edmundo Gonzalez and Mrs. Christianne Lloveras
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Gonzalez*
Mr. Camilo Gonzalez and Ms. Daniela Otoya
Ms. Ana C. Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Andoni Gonzalez-Rua
Mr. and Mrs. David Gorson
Mr. and Mrs. Siddhartha Gowda
LTC and Mrs. Corey P. Gray
Mr. and Ms. Brent E. Greenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grossfeld
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Gruberg
Mr. and Mrs. Allan A. Gubbins
Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Guerrero
Ms. Melissa Guerrero
Ms. Gabriella S. Guyton*
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hadjilogiou (T)
Mrs. Sara Hammond*
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Harten
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hartigan Jr.
Ms. Annie Hasbany Hayek*
Mr. and Ms. Daniel Hernandez
Dr. Maigrely Abreu-Hernandez and Mr. Santiago L. Hernandez
Dr. and Mrs. Enrique Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Hernandez Jr.
Mr. Jason D. Hertzberg and Ms. Daisy Rojas
Mr. Julien P. Higuero and Mrs. Itzel Candelario
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Hildum
Mrs. Tara S. Hill*
Mr. and Mrs. William Hillegass
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hobbs
Mrs. Cami Hofstadter
Dr. Kimberly Ho Misiaszek and Mr. Mariusz Misiaszek
Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan
Ms. Christina Horruitiner*
Dr. Sarah Hoz De Vila and Mr. Carlos Hoz De Vila
Mr. and Ms. David S. Ingraham
Mrs. Monica Iribarren-Ortiz*
Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Isaias Jr.
Dr. Michael E. Ivan and Dr. Tatiana P. Ivan
Mr. and Mrs. Agam Jain
Mr. and Mrs. Powell Jarrell*
Miss Emily Jarrell*
Dr. Gihanna Jimenez and Mr. Mark Berges
Dr. Gautam Bhandari and Dr. Bhavana Joneja
Miss Danielle Jordan*
Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Jordan
Mr. Justin Joy and Mr. Drew S. Kovacs
Ms. Elizabeth Joyce
Mr. Patrick Soto and Ms. Alexandra Kagan
Mr. Luis Garcia and Mrs. Judith Kamps
Mr. and Mrs. John Kearns
Ms. Sarah Kemeness (T)
Dr. Franz Kerdel and Dr. Danielle Kerdel
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kever
Mrs. Avery Kiefer*
Mr. Paul J. Kleinschmidt and Ms. Emily D. Condlin
Mr. and Mrs. Shyam H. Kumar
Mr. Martin Lacayo and Mrs. Micaela Gomez
Dr. and Mrs. Jorge Landa
Ms. Gracia Larrain
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Leavitt
Mr. and Mrs. Webber Lee
Mr. Carlos Parra and Mrs. Patricia Leiva
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Leto
Ms. Debby Lichtner*
Mr. and Mrs. David Linder
Mr. and Mrs. Dag O. Liodden
Mr. Guillermo Martinez and Mrs. Margarita R. Llinas
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Lobo*
Mr. and Mrs. Kieran Locke
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Lomelí
Mrs. Shannon P. Loughry*
Ms. Wendy A. Love*
Mr. Guilherme Bertuccelli and Mrs. Melissa Luzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Magaro
Mr. Thomaz Malavazzi and Mrs. Renata Lombardi Malavazzi
Dr. and Mrs. Niam Yaraghi
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Marquez
Mr. Vincent Cordero and Ms. Stephanie Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McMahon
Mrs. Barbara McPhillips*
Ms. Maylene Medina*
Mr. Christian Mehringer and Ms. Seema Mehta
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mekras
Mr. Pawan Melgiri
Mr. Edgar M. Mendez and Mrs. Nora G. Sanchez Calcaneo
Miss Gabriela Mendoza 2006
Mr. and Ms. Christopher D. Mercaldi
Dr. Marcio Soares and Dr. Maria Milla
Mr. Luis Millan and Mrs. Myra Vargas Millan*
Mr. and Mrs. Javier M. Millares
Mr. Daniel Martinez and Ms. Sandra Millor
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Milota
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Miranda
Hon. Cristina Miranda Gedroye and Mr. Julian R. Gedroye
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Montenegro
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Mora
The Morrison Family
Mr. Sebastian J. Mourra and Ms. Elizabeth C. Colina
Mr. Kevin Nateman and Mrs. Dana M. Demaria Nateman
Mr. and Mrs. Sergio P. Negreira Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Neithardt
Mr. Anthony Tinelli and Ms. Christine Nestor
Mrs. Joyce M. Noble*
Mr. Richard A. Grillo and Mrs. Lara O'Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram O'Neill III
Mr. and Mrs. Colin O'Reilly
Mr. Anthony Orlandini
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge M. Olivella
Mr. Joel Orozco and Mrs. Ashley Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Ortega
Mr. and Mrs. Santiago J. Ortega
Mrs. Erica Pacey*
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pacifico
Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Padilla
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Palma
Mr. Paul F. Kelly and Mrs. Patricia Palmer
Mr. Boni Pantoja*
Mr. Mead M. McCabe and Mrs. Judith I. Pantoja-McCabe
Dr. and Mrs. Mario I. Pascual
Mrs. Cristina Pascual
Dr. Selina Patel and Mr. Kunal Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Paysse
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Paz*
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Pazos
Mrs. Anita Peacock*
Mr. Oscar Pena and Mrs. Alicia Hamann
Mrs. Janelle S. Perez and Ms. Monica C. Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio E. Perez*
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Pessoa Jr.
Mr. and Ms. Brian Pfeiffer
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Pierson*
Mr. Bernard Pierson and Mrs. Nahila Campos
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Pineiro
Ms. Eileen B. Pinero Rodriguez*
Mr. and Mrs. Barat Phirangee

Foundations & Organizations
Design Solutions
Fidelity Charitable Giving
Floridian Dental Group
Fun Inspiration Events Inc
J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund
LNS Partners
Messangi Corporation
Monster Digital Group LLC
National Christian Foundation
The Ortega Foundation
Schwab Charitable
The Wiseheart Foundation
The Weiss Family Foundation Inc
The Miami Foundation
Dr. Adriane V. Pompa and Mr. Andrew PompaMs. Laura Pons*
Mr. Scot Post
Dr. Gautam Yagnik and Mrs. Jessica Powers-Yagnik
Mr. Alexander Boria and Mrs. Imari Pozo-Boria
Miss Stephanie Quiñones*
Mr. and Mrs. Michel Racho
Mr. and Mrs. Adil Rahmathulla
Mr. Roberto Ramirez Laverde and Mrs. Maria J. Amor*
Mr. Daniel Ramos*
Dr. and Mrs. George A. Ransford
Mr. Gianno Ras and Mrs. Amy Ras-Speijer
Mr. and Mrs. Claudio Ravinet (T)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Reininger
Mr. Oscar S. Renjel and Mrs. Fernanda M. Nunez Del Prado
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Reynolds
Mrs. Shirley Richard*
Mrs. Albra Rios*
Mr. Federico Cuadra and Mrs. Melissa Robelo
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Robinson
Mrs. Rebecca A. Rocher*
Mr. Juan J. Fernandez and Mrs. Elizabeth Rodda
Dr. Yana Roddenberry and Mr. Thomas Roddenberry
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Roddenberry 
Mr. Alvaro I. Rodriguez and Mrs. Victoria E. Brillembourg
Mrs. Debby H. Rogero*
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Roggiero
Mr. and Mrs. Santiago A. Rojas
Mr. and Mrs. Brett C. Romberg
Mr. Luis E. Romero and Mrs. Emely Alcorta
Ms. Elena E. Romero*
Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Romero
Mr. Robert Roque and Mrs. Enoelia Roque
Mr. Ryan Rosalsky and Mrs. Elizabeth Nuell
Mrs. Frances Rosen*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Roy (T)
Mr. Jesus Gonzalez Pereda and Mrs. Alexandra Saad Saldarriag
Mr. and Mrs. Paolo Saieh
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Claude Saieh
Mr. and Mrs. Salman Salman
Mrs. Sara Samudrala*
Ms. Maria T. Sanchez
Mr. Christopher J. Sanz and Mrs. Allison P. Sanz
Mrs. Holli R. Scharinger*
Mr. and Mrs. Christophe Scherman
Mr. Marc E. Schwarzberg and Mrs. Ana Mari Ortega Schwarzberg (T)
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Senior
Ms. Anne-Marie Shaffer
Mr. and Mrs. David Siddons
Mr. and Mrs. Ruedi Sieber
Mr. and Mrs. Nicolo P. Signorini
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Hudson D. Smith Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Soto
Ms. Cristina Sotolongo
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Souto (T)
Ms. Elaine Spottswood
Mr. Jorge Galvez and Ms. Stephany Stathopoulou
Mr. and Mrs. Cristian G. Stenstrom (T)
Dr. John D. Stieglitz and Dr. Amanda Z. Stieglitz
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Stiles
Dr. Christopher B. Benton and Dr. Xiaoyan Sun
Mrs. Nancy Schwarzberg
Mr. Robert Green and Ms. Roberta Taranto
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Taylor (T)
Mr. and Mrs. James Teets
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Theiler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson*
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Timpone*
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tolmach
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Tommasino
Mr. Alejandro Tovar and Ms. Monica Otoya-Tovar
Mr. Roberto Awad and Mrs. Soledad Troncoso-Awad
Mr. and Mrs. Avi Tryson
Dr. Felipe Tudela and Dr. Yvette Cordova
Mr. Christopher S. Mayer and Ms. Arlene Tur
Mr. Chad W. Di Stefano and Mrs. Olga M. Urbieta-Di Stefano
Mrs. Carolina Valdes-Fauli*
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Valverde
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander van der Ven
Dr. Brianna R. Varas and Mr. Manny A. Varas
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Vargas (T)
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro O. Vazquez
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Velasquez
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Veloso
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan C. Vila
Mr. Alejandro Villamizar and Mrs. Katherine Flesch
Dr. Larry Viñuela and Dr. Kari M. Viñuela
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Walsh
Mr. Hernan Bayas and Mrs. Eva Walther
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weeman
Mr. Tony Woods and Mrs. Stephanie Traikos
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wright III
Mr. Javier Borges and Mrs. Lauren T. Wukovits
Mr. Juan Yanes and Mrs. Carolina Y. Karam*
Mr. and Mrs. Giancarlo Yin
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Younger
Mr. Luis Zaldivar and Mrs. Greidys Gil
Mr. Ivan Bedia and Mrs. Iratxe Zapata
Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Zoullas

* Faculty/Staff Member
(T) BOT Member
(V) Vestry Member