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St. Thomas Fund

The St. Thomas Fund is a powerful testament to the unwavering dedication of our families, faculty, staff, and supporters. It stands as a beacon of collective giving, uniting us in our mission to provide exceptional educational opportunities for our students. Each year, we engage our community in our annual giving campaign, which garners support and enthusiasm for the transformational power of the St. Thomas Fund. This fund offers unrestricted resources, which means that they can be used to address the most immediate needs of our school, empowering us to go beyond the limits of tuition and enrich every aspect of our students’ experiences.

As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we reflect on the incredible journey that St. Thomas has undertaken. For seven decades, we have been shaping young minds, fostering character, and preparing future leaders to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our commitment to academic excellence, community engagement, and personal growth has remained constant, and our 70th year allows us to celebrate the achievements of our past while embracing the exciting possibilities of our future.

This anniversary is more than a milestone; it's a testament to the enduring spirit that defines our school. The St. Thomas Fund not only supports our ongoing efforts but also sets the stage for even greater accomplishments in the years to come. Join us in celebrating 70 years of excellence and supporting The St. Thomas Fund. Your participation underscores the strength of our community and the shared belief in the transformative power of education. Together, we continue to shape a brighter future for our students and for St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School.

Thank you for being a part of our journey to honor the past and nurture the future.

Thank you for generously participating in this year's 2023-2024 St. Thomas Fund and supporting our mission.

Ms. Alina Aleman*
Mr. Roberto Ramirez Laverde and Mrs. Maria J. Amor*
Ms. Karyn L. Arellano*
Mrs. Angela M. Arriola*
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Avino*
Ms. Silvia M. Barragan*
Miss Joselynn N. Barrios*
Mr. Kurt Bauer (T)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carbajales*
Mrs. Claudia Carmona*
Mrs. Ashley Caserta*
Mrs. Daria Castan*
Mr. and Mrs. Erick Ceballos*
Ms. Catalina Chavez
Mrs. Carol W. Chenet*
Mrs. Judith N. Chi*
Mr. Jose Diaz and Mrs. Katherine Clase*
Miss Nina N. Collera*
Mrs. Ivette Crespo*
Miss Ivanna Crespo*
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crews*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crossin*
Mrs. Lauren Dansdill*
Mrs. Neifer De Armas*
Mr. Lawrence W. Brown Jr and Mrs. Luciana De Benedictis*
Ms. Dayssi M. Dedos*
Ms. Fatima P. Delbeck*
Mr. Quentin M. Derryberry and Mr. David O. Estrella*
Mrs. Evelyn Diaz-Delgado*
Ms. Natasha A. Dolan*
Mr. Greg Eckblom*
Mr. and Mrs. James Edwards*
Mr. Keyon Elam*
Mrs. Maria L. Fagilde-Roel*
Ms. Marianne M. Fernandez*
The Rev. Timothy R. Fleck*
Ms. Nicole A. Font*
Dr. and Mrs. Sean Foreman*
Miss Amelia E. Fox*
Miss Fabiola Francisco*
Ms. Mercedes Garcia*
Mrs. Cary Garcia*
Ms. Krystal Garcia*
Mr. Stephen C. Gibson*
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Gonzalez*
Ms. Gabriella S. Guyton*
Mrs. Sara Hammond*
Ms. Annie Hasbany Hayek*
Ms. Dawn Herman*
Mrs. Tara S. Hill*
Mrs. Christina Horruitiner*
Mrs. Monica Iribarren-Ortiz*
Mr. and Mrs. Powell Jarrell*
Miss Emily Jarrell*
Miss Danielle Jordan*
Mr. Juan Yanes and Mrs. Carolina Y. Karam*
Ms. Sarah Kemeness*
Mrs. Avery Kiefer*
Ms. Debby Lichtner*
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Lobo*
Mrs. Shannon P. Loughry*
Ms. Wendy A. Love*
Mrs. Barbara McPhillips*
Ms. Maylene Medina*
Mr. Christian Mehringer and Ms. Seema Mehta
Mrs. Joyce M. Noble*
Mrs. Erica Pacey*
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Paz*
Mrs. Anita Peacock*
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio E. Perez*
Mr. Philip L. Gentles and Mrs. Marisa Q. Phirangee-Gentles*
Mr. Ricardo Pierson and Mrs. Mercedes L. Pierson*
Ms. Eileen B. Pinero Rodriguez*
Ms. Laura Pons*
Miss Stephanie Quiñones*
Mr. Daniel Ramos*
Mrs. Shirley Richard*
Mrs. Albra Rios*
Mrs. Rebecca A. Rocher*
Mrs. Debby H. Rogero*
Ms. Elena E. Romero*
Mrs. Frances Rosen*
Mrs. Sara Samudrala*
Mrs. Holli R. Scharinger*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson*
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Timpone*
Mrs. Carolina Valdes-Fauli*
Mr. Luis Millan and Mrs. Myra Vargas Millan*

* Faculty/Staff Member
(T) BOT Member
(V) Vestry Member