Why St. Thomas?

The mission of St. Thomas is to provide a secure, loving community that nurtures and challenges children. 
Welcome to St. Thomas Episcopal Parish Church & School.  Choosing an elementary school is one of the most important challenges that parents face. 

Now in its 65th year, St. Thomas, a culturally diverse community, offers preschool through grade 5 and operates with a foundation based on our Episcopal identity.  This means that we are a community whose mission integrates spiritual formation into all aspects of the educational experience in a graceful and inclusive manner.  
At St. Thomas, it is not just an education, it is a vibrant community that is an extension of family, creating friendships that last a lifetime.  Being part of this community of learners and doers offers a unique opportunity for each to become part of something much bigger than themselves.

We encourage you to explore our website where we showcase the rich variety of programs available to our entire school community and look forward to your campus visit.

Debby Lichtner
Director of Admission & Enrollment Management

"It is rare to find a school with such great teachers who engage their students so beautifully, balancing academic rigour whilst inspiring the children to always be their best self.  The school vividly came across as a diverse, wonderfully inclusive and nurturing community, one that not only pushes the children to be their best selves, but a community that is constantly pushing itself and evolving its very fabric.   I particularly loved the school's approach to getting the children's hands literally on their studies, making academics come alive through so many mediums."
                                                                                        - Prospective Family
"As an alumni family, looking back at my academic foundation, spiritual values, and St. Thomas traditions, I feel deeply grateful that I can pass on the same opportunities to my children." 
                                              -- Michelle Rodriguez Sanchez, Class of 1982

Why St. Thomas?

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  • Overview

    We educate and develop children based on our core values. They are:
    • Episcopal School Values
    • Academic Excellence, Lifelong Learning
    • Inclusive and Diverse Community
    • Nurturing Environment for the Whole Child
    • Global Citizenship
    • Sustainability
    We teach children to honor God, respect others and themselves, care for the world, and develop a lasting enthusiasm for discovering and learning. Our strong academic program focuses on the whole child, caters to the increasing demands of our information age, and is devoted to preparing our students with a solid foundation for future learning. Special instructors in Spanish, dance, art, music, chorus and instruments, physical education, science, drama, library, and technology enrich the curriculum. 
  • Our School Community

    Our small class size offers individual attention to students in an environment where they can experience the joy of learning by teachers who are both challenging and nurturing. Nearly 100 accredited professionals, consisting of administrators, teachers, and staff, many of whom have advanced degrees, lovingly support the students.
  • Christian Values

    As an Episcopal parish school, St. Thomas integrates spiritual and ethical values into our children’s lives.
  • Preparation and Middle School Placement

    Academic excellence prepares each student to continue in the world of education and in life with a strong academic foundation, eagerness and curiosity about learning, and self-confidence in intellectual pursuits. St. Thomas students are accepted into the finest middle schools in South Florida.

    Our personal approach in guiding our 5th grade families in determing the right fit as their child moves on to middle school, includes:
    • An on-campus invitation to a Q&A panel consisting of admission directors from our independent feeder schools. 
    • The assignment of an advisor who diligently counsels the family throughout the admission process. 
    • Each family's ability to join our St. Thomas leadership on personalized tours at each independent feeder school where parents have the opportunity to meet top administators. 
  • The Whole Child

    St. Thomas is committed to educating the whole child:
    o             Intellectually
    o             Spiritually
    o             Socially
    o             Emotionally
    o             Physically
  • An Integrated Curriculum

    St. Thomas utilizes the STREAM method of teaching, integrating the key areas of learning (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, the Arts, and Math). The curriculum is challenging, taught by educators who cultivate the intellectual and artistic learning styles of each child. On their way to becoming global and responsible citizens, our graduates leave for middle school with the confidence that comes from knowing they have been adequately prepared.
  • After-school Enrichment and Sports Programs

    St. Thomas offers a broad variety of after-school enrichment and sports programs for all ages and interests. Whether your child loves dance, music, soccer, or robotics, there is an activity for him/her. After-school care is also provided on a daily basis.