Grades K-5

K-5 Overview

Kindergarten – 5th Grade at St Thomas

To know deeper understanding, it takes an education infused with innovation.

We know the skills children will need to succeed in an ever-changing world, and we build our curriculum accordingly. St. Thomas graduates matriculate into the top middle schools in Miami and eventually into excellent colleges. We believe the core knowledge and values they developed at St. Thomas play a large role in their success.

21st Century Skills

Throughout students’ lifetimes, the “Seven Cs” will only be more and more valuable in every profession and every community.

The Seven C's

  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Cultural perspective
  • Capability
  • Commitment
In K–5, students explore these skills through projects and experiences that allow them to create their own learning experiences. By actively participating in the curriculum, they not only learn better but flex their creativity and retain information better.

Integrated STREAM Approach

St. Thomas is the first Episcopal school in Miami to implement a STREAM curriculum (science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and mathematics). This pedagogy features collaboration from both classroom and specialized subject teachers, resulting in an integrated learning experience that builds engagement in all academic disciplines.

Values For Life

Every grade follows the Responsive Classroom approach to learning. Teachers and students form a class community in which everyone feels a sense of belonging and is respected and heard. Through whole-class meetings, students learn to share their emotions and develop empathy for others. The qualities instilled by this approach reinforce the Episcopal values that inspire our entire school.

Students also grow comfortable with speaking in front of their peers and become exceptional public speakers. In fact, public speaking is a priority in every grade starting in kindergarten. Make one visit to campus and you will see how clearly our 5th graders can articulate their ideas.