Strategic Plan

In 2023, STEPS is an evolving educational model of inclusivity, empathy, and innovation, empowering children to be future-ready global citizens.

List of 4 items.

  • Mission Delivery

    In 2023, STEPS's student-centered experience challenges, prepares, and inspires all learners.

    In order to achieve this goal we will:
    • Attract, retain and develop an exceptional teaching faculty who will inspire a lifelng love of learning in all students.
    • Equip teachers to intentionally engage in responsive practices that help each student reach their full potential.
    • Implement an innovative vertically aligned and multi-disciplinary curriculum that prepares students to be future-ready global citizens.
    • Expand the number of interactive teaching and learning spaces that balance hands-on creative collaborative learning with increased use of advanced educational technology.
  • Relationships

    In 2023, STEPS's collaborative and inclusive school culture connects diverse people and ideas to enhance whole child development.
    In order to achieve this goal we will:
    • Implement a timely, relevant, and accurate communications system that is appropriately transparent.
    • Prioritize social-emotional learning for all constituents.
    • Build families' participation in supporting STEPS with their time, talent, and treasure to ensure every family is welcomed, connected, and engaged.
    • Increase collaboration and authentic inclusivity among younger and older students, teachers, and staff members, and the school and parish to better connect with one another and the community.
  • Episcopal Identity

    In 2023, STEPS's partnership with St. Thomas Episcopal Parish ensures Episcopal school values are the heart and soul of student-centered learning and community outreach.

    In order to achieve this goal we will:
    • Build a strong shared leadership infrastructure
    • Ensure all community members understand the elements of an Episcopal school education and it's value to their lives.
    • Increase the practice of Episcopal school values and character development in the daily life of the school.
    • Collaborate with St. Thomas Episcopal Parish on projects that capitalize on each other's strengths.
  • Brand Value

    By 2023, STEPS is known for its sustainable distinguished brand.

    In order to achieve this goal we will:
    • Build brand loyalty based on cohesive and comprehensive communication of STEPS' differentiators.
    • Communicate STEPS's success in cultivating its value as an Episcopal school.
    • Develop and implement a market growth strategy.