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5th Grade Class Gift

The tradition continues with our 5th Grade Class Gift!

Thank you for generously giving to the Class of 2023 Class Gift.

Mr. Gregory Calixte and Ms. Jennifer Volmar
Mr. Alex Cesar and Mrs. Katherine Albuquerque
Mr. and Mrs. Fadi Chamoun
Mr. and Ms. Kleber Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Dangond
Mr. Abelardo De La Espriella and Ms. Ana Lucia Pineda
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Desiato
Mr. Jaime Garcia Coudurier and Ms. Mariana Rovzar Orvananos
Mr. and Mrs. Hernan Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Gonzalez*
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grossfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Hildum
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Jackson
The Honorable Marlene Fernandez-Karavetsos and Mr. George Karavetsos
Dr. and Mrs. Jorge Landa
Mr. William Lynch and Mrs. Laura Aviles
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge M. Olivella
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Palma
Mr. Alfonso Reinhard and Mrs. Loury Sanchez
Mr. Dirk Ripa and Mrs. Teodora S. Zheljazkova
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Salman Salman
Mr. Anthony Tinelli and Ms. Christine Nestor
Mr. and Mrs. David Viera
Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Zoullas
Two thousand and twenty-three marks a noteworthy milestone in our children's lives as they graduate from St. Thomas and embark on their next middle school adventure.  Please join us in giving to the Faculty and Staff InSpire Grant in honor of the Class of 2023.

The InSpire Grant is held in the School Fund of the St. Thomas Endowment. The St. Thomas Endowment helps support our faculty, families, students, and excellence in education by solidifying our long-term financial sustainability. The InSpire Grant was established with money initially raised by the Class of 2023 as a testament to the love and support of the outstanding faculty and staff of St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School. The InSpire Grant aims to boost St. Thomas' faculty and staff retention efforts and counter possible future turnover and burnout in the education field. 

Join the tradition; give today!
    • Ms. Kemeness on 5th Grade Class Gift