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5th Grade Class Gift

The tradition continues with our 5th Grade Class Gift!
Two thousand and twenty-four marks a noteworthy milestone in our children's lives as they graduate from St. Thomas and embark on their next middle school adventure. Please join us in giving to the Faculty and Staff InSpire Grant in honor of the Class of 2024.

The InSpire Grant is held in the St. Thomas Endowment Fund. The St. Thomas Endowment helps support our faculty, families, students, and excellence in education by solidifying our long-term financial sustainability. The InSpire Grant was established with money initially raised by the Class of 2023 as a testament to the love and support of the outstanding faculty and staff of St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School. The InSpire Grant aims to boost St. Thomas' faculty and staff retention efforts and counter possible future turnover and burnout in education. 

Join the tradition; give today!

Thank you for generously giving to the Class of 2024 Class Gift.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cabrera 
Mr. Daniele D'Auria and Mrs. Vivianne Bernui 
Mr. Quentin Derryberry III and Mr. David Estrella
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Drstvensek 
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Garcia 
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Garrido, III 

Dr. and Mrs. Marcelo Ghersi
Mr. Richard Grillo and Ms. Lara O'Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Harten 
Mr. and Mrs. James Hartigan
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Lobo 
Mr. and Mrs. Jose M. Roggiero 
Mr. and Mrs. Salman Salman 
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander van der Ven
Dr. and Mrs. Gautam Yagnik