Preschool Daily Life

Brighter. Happier. Better.

St. Thomas preschoolers are busy! Each child’s day is filled with a mix of teacher-directed large-group activities, small-group differentiated instruction, and independent work time that follows our integrated curriculum and keeps children moving. Our six-day schedule rotates through “specials” such as Spanish, science, library, music, and yoga.

A Typical Day in the St. Thomas Preschool

List of 6 items.

  • Arrival

    Students arrive to music playing at the entrance of the school and are greeted by members of the administration. They then greet teachers and each other in a daily morning meeting in the classroom, which sets healthy tone for the day.
  • Direct Instruction

    Students explore foundational concepts in math and literacy. PK-4 students have learning sessions in Spanish, music, and science courses.
  • Plan. Do. Review.

    Preschoolers develop independence and follow their interests by making an individual plan for the day’s activity, completing it, and then reflecting on how they achieved their goal.
  • Lunch and Recess

    The late morning and early afternoon, finds students conversing over lunch and playing on the 6 acres of playground and athletic fields.
  • Individualized Instruction

    Our preschoolers make significant progress in developing the foundational academic skills of reading, writing and counting. The small groups allow teachers to focus on and assess each child’s development and to make individual plans for his or her continued progress.
  • Closing Circle and Dismissal

    Following the Responsive Classroom approach, our students end every day with a group meeting to recap highlights and bring closure to the day’s events. Students then head to dismissal or to their extended enrichment programming.