Faculty Friday Spotlight Series - Mrs. Shannon Loughry

When reflecting on what inspired her to become a teacher, Mrs. Loughry reminisces on her childhood and watching her mom as a teacher at her own school. She also thinks back to her involvement volunteering at an orphanage in high school while growing up in Cairo, Egypt, and caring for a child with Asperger's Syndrome during college. Mrs. Loughry’s upbringing instilled in her a deep rooted understanding of the positive impact that can be made through having a great teacher, and she strives to provide that experience for her students at St. Thomas every day. 

As the Director of our Center for Excellence, Mrs. Loughry truly embodies the CFE’s goal of meeting students where they are and building up from that foundation. She teaches her students to be more confident in their abilities to advocate for themselves and to successfully implement the tools and strategies they learn at the CFE in both their classrooms and everyday life.

You can find Mrs. Loughry off campus spending time with her two young sons or enjoying one of her many hobbies, including scuba diving, rock-climbing, and watercolor painting. While she has travel destinations like Iceland, South Africa, India, New Zealand, and the Galápagos Islands on her bucket list, she’d be happy to find herself on any kind of beach vacation.