Faculty Friday: Spotlight Series- Ms. Guyton

Ms. Gigi Guyton is a Kindergarten teacher here at St. Thomas. 

Around school, Ms. Guyton is easy to spot as she’s always smiling and surrounded by her adoring Kindergarten students. Off-campus, if Gigi’s not roaming a farmers market, in a yoga class, or watching a Dolphin’s game, you’ll likely find her in the park with a book she bought after perusing Books & Books. Gigi grew up in the Cocoa Beach area with her younger brother, whom she adores, and where her parents and rescue dog Earnest still live. She knew she wanted to be a teacher after volunteering with a high school group that taught children with autism how to surf. “That’s when I first saw a child have that ‘lightbulb’ moment, someone understanding something in real-time. I thought that was very exciting and beautiful to watch, and I wanted to keep witnessing and being a part of that.” Gigi has continued to follow that dream earning her undergraduate and master’s degrees in education. 

Gigi’s favorite part about St. Thomas is the people; coming to work here was a bit of a homecoming as her parents were married in the Church. “That’s neat because there’s so much history, and we couldn’t believe people in the St. Thomas community remembered my parents! I’ve been welcomed with open arms; it feels like home.” St. Thomas in three words: loving, supportive and joyful.  Kindergarten has already had a great year, and the highlight so far has to be the Halloween Parade. Gigi says the day was full of joy, the kids were so excited and proud of their costumes, and it was the first event the that the class could be together and represent their classroom community. 

Finally, a fun pizza fact about Ms. Guyton. Her ideal pizza? A Margherita pizza, no questions asked! 
 We are so lucky to have Ms. Guyton as a St. Thomas Tiger!