Fall 7 Times, and Stand Up 8!

At St. Thomas, young dreams are nurtured and groomed for greatness. 
In the midst of the noise and chaos that stem from COVID-19, students are embracing the unforced rhythms of grace and finding joy through movement. 4thgrade student, Joelle Addison, developed Motivational Morning Yoga sessions that encourage physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. Her videos, which can be found on YouTube, provide so much wisdom, hope and fun advice for her peers. Head of School Lillian Issa says, “During times like this, it’s great to see students care for their world and inspire others to make time for mindful practice at home. 

In need of good vibes and positivity? Learn more about Joelle Addison from our interview with her below:

What inspired you to create Motivational Morning Yoga?

“I've always liked yoga, and I know that yoga makes people feel relaxed. During this time when everything is so crazy and stressful, and kids are stuck at home doing Online School and missing their friends and teachers, I thought yoga would help them start the day on a better foot.”

What are 5 helpful tips you’d like to share with other students around the world?
(1) “Don't give up. 
(2) Be kind. 
(3) Help those that need it. 
(4) Be grateful. 
(5) Always do your best, even if your best isn't perfect.”
What is your wish and/or hope for our country during times like this?
“My hope is that our leaders make great decisions that are best for the whole country, and that people do the right thing and act in ways that will be best for everyone -not just themselves.”

Joelle is truly an inspiration. One of the most impactful things we learned from her during a Motivational Morning Yoga Session is this: “Fall down seven times, stand up eight!”
Indeed, St. Thomas has built a foundation for children to become learners, better people, and better leaders. We are certain that Joelle Addison will continue to be a resilient innovator in the 21stcentury.