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Quest! (athletics & enrichment)

“As one quest is realized, another is presented. Yours is the quest that’s just begun.”

Our Quest Program

St. Thomas has created Quest, an all-encompassing program of our extensive enrichment and athletic offerings. Quest includes those exciting activities that take place out of the classroom, each of which are organized and structured to maximize each child’s opportunity for growth and fun.

Our Quest program is an evolution. It is always moving forward and adapting as we begin on our Fall Quest, venture through the Holiday Quest in Winter, continue with special Spring Quests and then end with our spectacular Summer Quest camp program.  This is an adventure you won’t want to miss!

Quest focuses on building skills and enjoyment through activity to expand a child’s horizons, exposing him/her to a wide variety of extracurricular options in a safe and positive environment right here on our campus. 

Quest programs are aligned with what is pedagogically, athletically, emotionally, and physically appropriate for children in Jr. Preschool through Fifth Grade.  We are excited about our new Quest program as it is of like kind and mindedness of other schools who share this same value system.


Join us on a Quest!

As part of our Quest initiative, our offerings are always changing as to be responsive to the needs and wants of the families as well as to the time of year.  Quest is an evolution!  We hope you will take the opportunity to participate and learn more about Quest for Session II. 

Current Quest Offerings

  • Art Thyme Ceramics
  • Art Thyme Painting
  • Ballet
  • Basketball
  • Chapel Choir
  • Junior Choir
  • Chess | beginners
  • Chess | tournament
  • Chess | with parents               
  • Code Explorers
  • Cooking
  • Flag Football
  • French
  • Golf
  • In the Spotlight
  • Irish Dance
  • Journalism
  • Lacrosse
  • Little Dragons              
  • Little Sports
  • Mind Lab
  • Piano
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Tap
  • Tennis
  • Robotics
  • Spanish
  • Soccer
    Test Preparation
  • Volleyball
  • Zumba

The registration period for our spring semester begins at 5:00 p.m., on Monday, December 10th - Wednesday, December 12th.

If you have issues with registration, please email for support.
Joe Mancuso
Director of Programs, Quest, and Athletics
Myra Vargas Millán
Enrichment Program Director
(305) 665-4851, ext. 371