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  • To Infinity and Beyond

    Twenty students in grades 3-5 were selected to attend a live interview with an astronaut aboard the Space Station. The live chat took place at Mandelstam, a neighboring school of St. Thomas. This collaborative effort was a unique and exciting opportunity for the entire school community to engage in active learning from researchers in space. Teachers and students who were unable to attend the field trip were able to livestream the event from their classrooms. 

    Two of our students, Walker Ciorobea and Daniela White, were able to directly engage with 
    Dr. Serena Aunon-Chancellor aboard the International Space Station. Ciorobea asked, “When you return to earth, does it take a long time for your body to adjust to the gravity on earth?” To which Dr. Aunon-Chancellor replied, “The body is a wonderful thing – it adapts very quickly - our body remembers what earth is like – it remembers how to walk.” 

    Students were selected based on essays they wrote explaining why they should be chosen to participate. All of our students explored an immersive mock space station with simulations that enhanced their scientific curiosity. 

    Perhaps our students will become Star Trek, the Next Generation!
  • Interview Spotlight: Get to know Mrs. Ortiz!

  • Diwali Festival of Lights

    St. Thomas celebrated the Diwali Festival of Lights! Diwali is a Hindu celebration that symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. We would like to thank Mrs. Mehringer and Mrs. Samudrala for putting together this special celebration. It was a wonderful cultural experience.
  • Every Child is an Artist

    Last week in art class, the Great Art Committee introduced the works of the amazing Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish architect well known for his sculptural bridges and buildings.  Many of St. Thomas’ parents came into the art room and taught the style and importance of this architect and engineer.  After learning about Calatrava, Kindergarten through 5th grade students collaborated on a project where they highlighted the lines, angles, and shapes of Calatrava’s buildings and bridges. 
    Come! See! Behold and marvel at this masterpiece of our students, which will be on display in the courtyard by the entrance of the church. Be sure to ask your child to tell you something about what they learned from this presentation.