Namaste: Reaching Our Goals One Stretch and Breath at a Time

Our school has taken many STEPS to implement new initiatives that help children learn how to connect with themselves and with the world around them. 
This year we piloted Yoga, a program that is an extension of our physical education curriculum. Yoga has a remarkable impact on children and their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. In the spirit of living out our mission and our strategic plan, we have teamed up with Happy Warriors Yoga, and developed a program which includes a structured routine that is tailored to meet the needs of each age group. Our junior and senior preschool students participate in this program, as well as our 2nd through 5th grade boys.
By practicing yoga, our students learn how to incorporate breathing, body movement, and relaxation techniques which help them combat any social and emotional stresses they may have, and they also learn how to better react to any given situations. 

All of our Yoga classes include creative movement, meditation, learning poses, music, instruments, and smart toys. From these exercises, our students learn different ways to use their muscles, build physical strength, understand core training, and improve their mental balance. 

Nationally, yoga is becoming more popular in schools as it ultimately improves focus, concentration, and boosts self-esteem, and confidence. Thus far, we have observed that our students are already learning self-control, self-regulation, and mindful listening. Indeed, our students are becoming little warriors.

We invite you to attend our Yoga Open House. This Yoga Open House will give you a wonderful glimpse and sneak peak of your child’s yoga class. The dates and times are as follow: