What does EMPATHY look like?

What does EMPATHY look like?
$10,000 raised for Sammy and Mika, our “friended” orphans in Haiti.
39 fifth graders applauding one another during the student government elections, when only 8 winners were selected.
160 faculty and administrators from St. Thomas, St. Stephens, and St. Philips embarking on courageous conversations about equity, inclusivity and justice during an “Awkward Luncheon” on Friday, September 28th.
100% annual fund participation from our faculty, board, and the annual giving committee in record-breaking time. Are you IN?
100s of books donated from the personal libraries of our students so that underprivileged children in Miami could reap the benefits of reading.
78 HRCs patiently helping the school to work out the kinks of a new form of communication, aimed ultimately at better home/school communication.
62 faculty members conscientiously implementing new assessment tools and standard-based reporting, providing a clearer understanding of the learning profiles of our students and guiding differentiated instruction. Parents can look forward to new report cards distributed four times this year!
Many, many conversations during our responsive classroom morning meetings, giving students strategies and practice in self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.
Yes, last month’s value of EMPATHY is alive and well at St. Thomas. In our first 5 weeks of school, we have imagined ourselves in someone else’s situation, showing loyalty and respect, patience and kindness, compassion and love.
Thank you, St. Thomas, for living our mission!

With gratitude,
Lillian Issa, Head of School