Faculty Friday Spotlight Series - Mrs. Susan Crossin

“Mrs. Crossin is one of the most caring, funny, and generous people I have ever worked with and known. Her deep love and dedication to her students and their success is inspiring. As a colleague, she will bend over backwards to help you. As a friend, she is loyal and supportive no matter what.”
- Stephanie Quinones, 4th Grade Teacher

Over the course of her 31 year long teaching career spanning many grades, Mrs. Crossin has had one constant through it all: her passion and dedication to her students’ success. She views her teaching style as ever-changing year to year to meet the specific and unique needs of each of her students. Through her individualized approach, Mrs. Crossin hopes her students leave her classroom at the end of the school year saying, “I did it even when it was a challenge; I am so proud of my effort!”

Here at St. Thomas, Mrs. Crossin values the connection she has with her students, their families, and her colleagues alike. As a proud St. Thomas alum parent to her own children, Mrs. Crossin deeply understands and values the importance of community and connection within our St. Thomas family.

When she’s not teaching, you can find Mrs. Crossin wishing she had the super power to blink her eyes and be at the beach, gardening, or spending time with her family.