Faculty Friday Spotlight Series - Mrs. Neifer De Armas

Educating and caring for our youngest students has been at the forefront of Mrs. Neifer’s life since her teenage years. Through participating in her high school’s Early Childhood program, she earned her Child Development Associate certification upon graduation. She continued studying at Miami Dade College and working in Early Childhood Education until she ultimately made St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School her home 8 years ago.

In her PK4 classroom, Mrs. Neifer has integrated a “work hard, play hard” philosophy. Structure helps keep her students safe and engaged so they can work towards becoming kind, confident, and strong lifelong learners. By describing her classroom as “colorful, energetic, and sweaty”, Mrs. Neifer fully embraces what it means to teach preschoolers and to provide a nurturing environment for the whole child.

In her free time, you can find Mrs. Neifer enjoying time with her 2 dogs, Winston and Peggy, hiking, or wishing she had the power to fly so she could visit her favorite place, New York City.