Faculty Friday Spotlight Series - Mrs. Rocher

Mrs. Rocher has been at St. Thomas for seven lucky years!

Since she was a little girl, Mrs. Rocher displayed a passion for teaching. She recalls playing school with her younger brother and dolls, and it was apparent that her nurturing personality would bode well in a classroom. Before teaching at schools, Mrs. Rocher was a swim instructor for four years, teaching children as young as six months old how to survive and thrive in a pool. She switched the towel for a smartboard and began teaching second-grade children with special needs at a small private school. This was an incredibly inspiring learning opportunity and many of the skills she learned she has brought to St. Thomas. Since joining our school, Mrs. Rocher has been a vital part of the lower elementary division team, having held roles as Associate and Lead Teacher in Kindergarten and Sr. PK classes. Her teaching style is very interactive and play-based. She believes “creating a positive and joyful learning experience fosters a love for learning that will lay a solid foundation for their future educational journey.” Upon graduating from kindergarten, she hopes her students will gain confidence, learn how to work and play independently and in group settings, and, most importantly, be respectful, responsible, and polite.

Originally from Miami, Mrs. Rocher went to St. Brendan High School and graduated Summa Cum Lade from Florida International University with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She is the proud fur mother of Bo, a four-year-old dog she and her husband adopted. As a proud Miamian, she cheers for the Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, Florida Panthers, and University of Miami teams. You can find her at the beach when she is not working out or doing dance cardio.