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Faculty Friday Spotlight Series - Mrs. Pierson

Mrs. Pierson has been at St. Thomas for seven years. Lucky #7!

As a ninth grader, Mrs. Pierson tutored elementary school children. She loved watching their joyful and proud smiles when they were able to understand difficult concepts, and she found purpose in making a difference in the lives of children. For the past 18 years, she has lived in Atlanta, Puerto Rico, Vermont, and Miami, teaching kindergarten - second grade, as well as math. Each move has helped her develop and refine her teaching style. She focuses on fostering a classroom community of learners who encourage each other, are engaged in their activities, feel valued and respected, and look forward to learning as a family. “I want my students to be kind, caring, and responsible citizens. I want them to remember that mistakes are part of the learning process. And remember the power of the word ‘yet,’ as in ‘I don’t understand this, yet.’” 

While she considers herself Nicaraguan, she was actually born in Costa Rica and grew up in Miami. She is an alum of St. Theresa and Lourdes Academy and graduated college from The University of Florida. She is a proud mom of three beautiful children (including a St. Thomas alum and a rising preschooler) and has known her husband since she was seven years old - talk about childhood love! She has called St. Thomas her second home for seven years and loves the sense of community. She considers her second-grade team a family, the kind that supports each other in the good times and bad and always with a sense of humor.