Me Behind the Mask

St. Thomas conquered the first quarter of the 2020 – 2021 school year with resilience, grace, and creativity.
When students returned to on-campus learning, teachers sought unique ways to help children normalize wearing masks.  First grade teacher Daniella Perez, created a fun project called Me Behind the Mask.  This activity empowers children by giving them the opportunity to express and describe who they are behind their face masks. Mrs. Perez said, “It was important for me to show my students that even though they are wearing a mask, they are still special and unique – a mask cannot take away their identity.”  

This activity was fun and engaging, and allowed students to tap into their creative side by coloring pictures of themselves and decorating their masks. Mrs. Perez also used this project to develop her students writing skills. Each child had to write complete sentences using key details to describe themselves. One student wrote, “I am special because I am a gift from God,” while another one wrote, “I am unique because I speak two languages.”
At St. Thomas, we’re always searching for better ways to teach, lead, inspire, and instill curiosity in our students. Me Behind the Mask did just that. Students were eager to learn about each other and their excitement prompted other first grade teachers to incorporate the activity in their lesson plans as well.

Head of School Lillian Issa said, “Coming to school with masks and a new class, and a new teacher, can be overwhelming for students – but we know how students learn best. And our expert teachers build curriculum that support each child’s social and emotional growth.”
Truly, Me Behind the Mask was a great activity for students returning to campus and helping them feel connected, despite the ever-changing world around them.