Class of 2020: In Their Own Words

St. Thomas celebrates a group of our upcoming graduates.
Martin Tessy
My favorite St. Thomas memory is the annual carnival. One other sweet memory is going to Ellenton, Fl, with my friends. I will always be grateful for what St. Thomas taught me.
Chase Thompson
My favorite St. Thomas memory is going to the 1st grade end of school year party because I got to see all my friends and run around with them playing a lot of different games. When that day ended, I was so sad because I wasn’t going to see my friends over the summer.  
What I’m going to miss most about St. Thomas is every teacher I had because they are the ones that taught me about many things.  They taught me a lot about academics. I am also going to miss seeing all my friends since I have not missed a day since Pre-k 3.  Most of all, I will miss going to and from school with my mom and seeing her during the school day.
Santiago Ugueto
What I will miss the most are my 
friends and awe-inspiring teachers.

Max Vedrani
What I will miss the most is having Flag every morning. 
Christian Veloso
My favorite St. Thomas memory is my first day of basketball in 3rd grade. Everyone was so energetic and I love Coach Greg - it was a great season!
Daniela White
My favorite St. Thomas memory is being a student ambassador and telling new families about the school. I will miss the community most because everyone is like family and it has really impacted who I am today. 
Hunter White
My favorite St. Thomas memory is the 5th grade trip to Ellenton, Fl.
Henry Whited
What I will miss the most are all of my teachers and friends, and art classes with Mrs. Crews!
Scott Wilson
What I will miss the most about St. Thomas is playing soccer with all of my friends during recess and enrichment.  

Anne Wood-Leness

My favorite St. Thomas memory is the bus ride to Ellenton.  The bus arrived a little late, and everyone was super excited to see it pull into the school parking lot.  Once we got on the bus, we talked nonstop, and then we started singing songs from our class play. I liked the bus ride because I got to spend time with my classmates outside of school.