To Know Better, It Takes Each Other

When your child enrolls at St. Thomas, you join a diverse community of families who work together to support each other in raising their children. 
During a time such as this, the fabric of our community becomes tighter, and we are so grateful to have parents share their talent as a way to offer support in the midst of this crisis.

Noli Roque has been a parent at St. Thomas for three years. Her son, Joseph Roque, is currently in 1st grade in Mrs. McPhillips’ class. With Governor DeSantis’ announcement that Remote Learning will continue until the end of this school year, Mrs. Roque decided to write a blog about Homeschooling during COVID-19 because she believes that there are many parents out there who are feeling a wide variety of emotions with how to manage this change and make it through without going crazy.

We recently sat down (virtually) with Mrs. Roque and she provided insight and advice that you may find helpful as fellow parents. Read more about Noli Roque from our interview with her below: 

What inspired you to write a blog about "How to Survive Homeschooling?"

“I talk to my friends on a daily basis and the frustrations seem to be very similar: discipline, time management, juggling homeschooling, work, and all the other housework. I wanted to take the time and send out a positive message that, ‘Yes this is hard, some days are tougher than others. It is OK to feel frustrated.’ I wanted to encourage other parents and let them know there is no absolute way to go about this. It is about finding what works for you and your family.”

What is your best advice to fellow parents?

“My advice regarding COVID-19 is that we all have to work together, support one another, and truly keep our hopes up. Being a community, we will make it through this and get back to normal. I also think it is important to remember that at the end of the day we are ALL doing our BEST.”

What do you enjoy about our St. Thomas Community, especially during a time like this?

St. Thomas has been beyond supportive, and I cannot even begin to explain how much support they offer compared to other schools. The teachers are amazing! They are so positive and have created so many resources to help our kids maneuver through such a tough time. The Zoom Lessons bring a smile to their faces and help them feel like they are still within their community. Lastly, the parents’ groups are the best! We ask for help from one another and have been able to create virtual playdates.”

Click here to read Mrs. Roque’s Blog, How to Survive Homeschooling, where she offers nurturing and supportive tips.