Imagination Creates Innovation

To know brighter ideas, it takes invention driven by imagination.
At St. Thomas, our teachers are always looking for better ways to teach, lead, and inspire, and we instill that same curiosity in our students.

Evans Crews has been with St. Thomas since 1997, and began teaching art in 2008. She is an expert at inspiring children and knowing how to tap into their imagination to help guide them in creating wonderful masterpieces. Last week, Mrs. Crews challenged her 2ndgrade students to 
imagine they were architects hired to design a new building in Miami. In addition to designing a building, students were engaged in a creative writing process to explain why they elected to do the design they chose, and for what purpose the building would be used.

Students really had fun with this project and created one-of-a-kind buildings. One student in particular, Sander Ripa, created a 5-star floating hotel on water.  

Mrs. Crews said, “Sander went above and beyond the assigned project. His creativity and hard work made his building very special. The smile on his face as he describes his artwork is one of the most rewarding parts of being a teacher!”

At St. Thomas, we recognize that all of our students are budding geniuses with special talents. 

Click here to check out Sander’s Floating Miami Hotel