Help Venezuela

Let's Help Venezuela

Monday, May 8 - Friday, May 12. A Donation Drive.
Our St. Thomas Venezuelan families are asking for our help. They are working tirelessly to provide doctors in Venezuela with much needed medical supplies. They have become a part of an organization called Primeros Auxilios UCV (First Aid Universidad Central de Venezuela).

Primeros Auxilios UCV organizes the collection and transportation of first aid supplies and medicine to a group of doctors in Venezuela. These doctors have taken the initiative to help the people who are been hurt on the streets. The necessity is quickly growing and the situation is dire.

- Liquid antacid/anti-gas (any brand)
- Bandages and gauze pads
- Adhesive
- Burn cream
- Latex gloves
- Acetaminophen
- Ibuprofen
- Skin closures (Steri-strips or other brands)

Collection will take place at school in the breezeway during the donation drive.

A dedicated Amazon page has also been set up so that donations can be sent directly to the organization. Click here to visit page.

Please see Annabella Pavan, Tina Cottin, or Geraldine Plaza to find out more.