The Music Department at St. Thomas supports the mission of the school by integrating music into every facet of the school’s program.  The purpose of the music curriculum is to instill a love of music in the students and to give them a way of expressing their creativity.  There is a strong emphasis on performance as a means of demonstrating the knowledge and skills that have been acquired.  The practical nature of this subject means that music theory, music history, and music’s place in society is integrated with performance. 

The music curriculum is closely aligned with curriculum of each grade level, with an emphasis on choral performance. This cross-curricular integration is a very important component of the music program.
Curriculum-based and other performances have included:
  • Christmas concerts
  • Spring concerts
  • Graduation
  • "In the Spotlight"
  • 5th grade musical play
  • Regular chapel services 
Classes at all grade levels from preschool through 5th grade receive two music lessons per week. 

Scenes from our 5th grade play

Music by Grade

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  • Preschool

    The purpose of the preschool music program is to instill a love of music, setting a positive stage for the serious study of the subject in the elementary grades. Two concerts are performed each year by the preschool students.
  • 1st grade

    The 1st grade continues to work on vocal production and begins to learn the skill of following a musical score. Orff instruments and boomwackers are used to reinforce beat, rhythm, and pitch.  They perform Christmas and spring concerts.
  • Kindergarten

    The kindergarten music program emphasizes vocal production and rhythm work using untuned percussion instruments.  The kindergarten performs at a Christmas concert, as well as at their graduation in May.
  • 2nd grade

    2nd graders continue working on learning to follow a score. In addition, they begin working on treble clef notation and learning musical terms, both in English and Italian. Along with the 1st and 3rd grades, the 2nd grade sings at a Christmas concert and a spring concert.
  • 3rd grade

    The 3rd grade students concentrate on singing and complete a unit of work on the organ. This study includes not only the experience of playing a pipe organ, but also the opportunity to tour through the inner workings of the church pipe organ, the “King of the Instruments.”
  • 4th and 5th grade

    In the 4th and 5th grades, the students continue to work on choral literature.  In addition, the students take part in the beginner band program. Students can choose from among a number of instruments to play:  flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, keyboard, electric guitar, bass guitar or drums/percussion.  Both grades perform a special Christmas program in the church called “Lessons and Carols.” 
    In addition, 5th grade performs a specially-chosen junior version of a musical play as part of their special final activities at St. Thomas, a musical experience which was previously performed by the 6th grade.  Productions in recent years have included Music Man and Peter Pan.

Areas of strength

  • All music classes are taught by qualified and experienced music educators.
  • The professional Parish organist is engaged as the accompanist for School Eucharist services, concerts, and special events.
  • Co-curricular music offerings are part of the Extended Day program.  
  • The work of the music department greatly enhances many of the school’s performances and experiences.