Children in grades 1 to 5 at St. Thomas are introduced to a planned and sequential study of the elements of art and principles of design in the art classroom.  The elements they study are line, color, shape, texture, and value.  The principles of design they learn are emphasis, balance, pattern, and unity.

Students are allowed to experiment with many different art materials as they learn to develop and manipulate skills and to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas through the use of the visual arts.  The art scope and sequence, with its emphasis on the elements of art and principles of design, integrates the study of the visual arts with what the children are learning in their classroom studies.   

In art class, the emphasis is placed on the fine arts, native crafts, architecture, history, and culture of the subjects being studied in the other content areas.  The children study weekly in a spacious art room, filled with windows and light, the ideal setting for the study of the visual arts.

At a glance

  • St. Thomas has a large well-equipped art room.
  • The art curriculum includes the use of various media.
  • The budget generously supports the art program at St. Thomas.
  • Forms of the visual arts are often integrated by the students in special events such as the school carnival, dramatic performances, music programs, Back-to-School Night,  and local art competitions, including the Youth Fair and Fairchild Challenge. 

Art is everywhere!