Our Spanish Program

The Spanish program for young learners begins in preschool and continues through 5th grade. Our goal is to build communicative skills through curriculum integration, promote global awareness, and instill a lifelong interest in learning another language.
The program follows a spiralled language instruction which continues to build upon and reinforce vocabulary by developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the targeted language.
The teacher, along with the students, create a welcoming environment where learning is motivating and engaging, and where students feel comfortable using the acquired language skills. Learning activities are conducted in Spanish and enhanced through interactive resources, visual cues, authentic literature, movement, and songs to facilitate comprehension.
Starting in 1st grade, the students are placed following the ACTFL’s Proficiency Guidelines, based on how well the language learners are able to express themselves and understand others. Each level of instruction is focused on the student’s particular strengths and needs in order to improve communicative skills in real-world situations.