The Lower School at St. Thomas is a place of discovery and learning. Our goal is to provide a strong academic foundation full of intellectual and creative experiences with a focus on skill development. Cross-curricular units of study are enhanced with project-based learning through STEAM principals.
The Lower School Curriculum:
  • Inspires a love of learning and builds self-confidence in students
  • Instills a spirit of cooperation and respect for others and their ideas
  • Promotes independence and a sense of pride in hard work
  • Provides meaningful opportunities to use knowledge in real-world situations
  • Values a child’s natural desire to learn through creativity and self-expression
  • Fosters the ability and desire to contribute to our community
Lower School Information:
  • Three classes at each grade-level
  • Lead and associate teachers in each kindergarten and first grade class
  • Second grade has one associate teacher for the grade-level
  • Class size of twenty students or less
  • Special area subjects: Science, Technology, Art, Music, Dance, Physical Education, Little Chapel, Media Literacy, Math Lab and Movement