R.E.A.L. Code of Conduct

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  • Responsibility, Expectations, Attitude, Leadership

    (Responsibility, Expectations, Attitude, Leadership)

    The following statement is intended to assist the members of the St. Thomas community in understanding the expectations set forth in our R.E.A.L. Code of Conduct, incorporating Responsibility, Expectations, Attitude, and Leadership. Its purpose is to help the St. Thomas community members to integrate these standards into their lives.

    One of the most important lessons in education is discipline. Though it does not appear as a subject, it underlies the whole educational structure. It is the training that fosters self-control, orderliness, and efficiency. It develops individuals of integrity and high moral character. It is the key to maximum academic achievement, good conduct, and proper consideration for others.

    Good discipline and high moral values originate in the home. The parent is the first teacher of his or her child, and should foster the development of good behavior habits and proper attitudes toward school. Children grow and learn best through cooperative efforts of home and school. Parental support is imperative in the school's handling of student misconduct and/or poor attitude.

    If you have further questions about discipline, please contact Associate Head of School Nori Madrigal at 786-268-3302 or nmadrigal@stepsmia.org.
  • A Parent Will...

    1. Recognize that the teacher must make decisions regarding the safety, behavior, and responsibility of students during the school day.

    2. Teach the child respect for authority, the rights of others and public and private property.

    3. Support and reinforce school recommendations which are always made in the best interest of the child's academic and social development.

    4. Be responsible for prompt arrival and regular school attendance, and comply with attendance rules and procedures.

    5. Talk with the child about school activities; show an active interest in his or her daily school and homework.
  • A Student Will...

    1. Arrive at school on time each day in the required uniform with all books and materials and ready to work.

    2. Be honest, respectful, and polite to all members of the St. Thomas community.

    3. Control himself or herself from speaking words and doing things that will hurt others.

    4. Control himself or herself from damaging public and private property.

    5. Obey all classroom and school rules including the Internet Code of Conduct and accept the consequences for his or her choices.