Our facility is far more secure than it ever has been. The administration has made keeping our children and faculty safe an absolute priority.

St. Thomas has implemented several specific measures to ensure safety:

Our campus is equipped with cameras throughout that are monitored by several individuals. Each is recording so that it can be played back.

Safey Plans and Drills
St. Thomas has hired highly regarded international security company to assist our leadership in creating plans and drills so that we are always prepared. The plans are constantly revisited and drills often conducted, so that we are clear in what needs to take place should an incident occur. Drills include what to do if there is a stranger on campus and what to do in case of a fire. 

Police Officer 
A Coral Gables police officer has been hired to remain on campus everyday that school is in session. His vehicle is also visible from the road. This is a huge investment, but an immensely important one.

Security Guard
A security guard monitors all vehicles coming onto our campus.  If the car does not have the proper identification, it is stopped so that the reason for the visit can be confirmed.

Through the generosity of a St. Thomas family, our school has technology that alerts our office if lightening is in the area. Once the office is notified, all outdoor activity is suspended until an all-clear is given.